: Photos des rallyes moto enduro motololo.

Photos des rallyes moto enduro motololo organisés par Loic (L-O-Organisation - loo). Rallye de la Dive : enduro moto verte et quad dans les deux-sevres motololo. NoctoRando : enduro moto verte et quad de nuit dans les deux-sevres motololo. TransVendéenne : enduro moto verte et quad en vendée. motololo
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Pique-nique au lavoir !

Pique-nique au lavoir !

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1. Le 12.05.14, Marmar a écrit:

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2. Le 17.05.14, a écrit:

Rach!Hey there! it’s Messy Sprays! looks like your having a bit of fun. … wish I could have seen you before you left, but it came and went and I didn’t . . . so i’m coming to France! i don’t know where you will be or what, but I’m flying into Paris tomorrow (Aug 9) with my mom just for the week. Just thought I would holla and see if you were in that hood! Holla back at if you get this. Hope you are having a blast! can’t wait to hear from you.Messy

3. Le 27.06.14, smog a écrit:

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4. Le 06.07.14, said though a écrit:

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5. Le 13.07.14, very basics a écrit:

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6. Le 19.07.14, other activity a écrit:

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7. Le 29.07.14, eliminate bad a écrit:

God, I feel like I should be takin notes! Great work > > TransVendéenne 2012 (20 Octobre) > Pique-nique au lavoir !