: Photos des rallyes moto enduro motololo.

Photos des rallyes moto enduro motololo organisés par Loic (L-O-Organisation - loo). Rallye de la Dive : enduro moto verte et quad dans les deux-sevres motololo. NoctoRando : enduro moto verte et quad de nuit dans les deux-sevres motololo. TransVendéenne : enduro moto verte et quad en vendée. motololo
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Un P'tit r'montant !!

Un P'tit r'montant !!

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Thank you for your answer.Yes , i have hp-dv6-6c04et . I want to use dynamic mode too , but it doesnt recognize flight simulator x as a game so runs in low performance ( enduro update didnt fix this ) so that i have to use fixed mode. And also in some games like fifa 13 , i get around 100 fps with massive tearing, when i turn vsync on , it shows 60 fps but game lags like 20fps . also ball seens like that it have different fps than the game. I’m adding supersampling to fifa 13 to decrease fps a bit to 60-65 so that solves the problem but now i have some drops for 1-2 seconds ,and that causes lag a bit. I will try vsync option , i hope it works , also thank you very much for the fn + f4 trick

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