: Photos des rallyes moto enduro motololo.

Photos des rallyes moto enduro motololo organisés par Loic (L-O-Organisation - loo). Rallye de la Dive : enduro moto verte et quad dans les deux-sevres motololo. NoctoRando : enduro moto verte et quad de nuit dans les deux-sevres motololo. TransVendéenne : enduro moto verte et quad en vendée. motololo
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1. Le 13.05.14, Maryam a écrit:

Jibraan i had a question.I went to this party it was ouotodr with not enough light.. so i increased the ISO, shutter speed remained low (1/8) and aperture 3.5/4But pictures ka wo maza nahi hai. I mean i know what each does but i dont understand how to handle all three at a time? i mean im? kinda blank

2. Le 20.05.14, a écrit:

Hi Stevie, Trek don’t publish weights of any of their bikes, however we have put it on our scales and it comes out at 35lbs. The suspension forks are air sprung Rockshox Lyrik Solo Air’s. They are not a travel adjustable model. Although you can’t adjust the suspension travel, the Slash does have reversible inserts or “chips” as Trek like to call them, on the swingarm. By unbolting and moving the chips you can alter the head and seat tube angles of the bike. By selecting the steeper of the 2 settings this will put your weight slightly further forward, and will help to prevent the front wheel lifting, especially on steeper climbs. It will also speed up the steering slightly too.

3. Le 21.05.14, a écrit:

Hi JimMy name is Jay James #710 I just want to say I have gone through your blogs and pictures and this is just what we need here on Vancouver Island for Motocross. I’m hooked!! I have been in and out of motocross racing for many years and this sport is my passion that I love!! I would like to thank you for all your hard work. I think you were the guy who asked who my nefew Cole was yesterday at Westshore MX? I work for SG Power in Victoria and I am really trying to promote and grow motocross here on the island. I have been away for a few years with a nasty wrist break in Nanaimo and just got back racing this season attending as many races as I can. I’m a young 37!! LOL and am slowly getting my racing edge back. I noticed in the national blog you were not sure who I was so just giving you an update. Now onto the main reason for me contacting you. We at SG Power would really like to help you keep doing your thing! If there is anything we can do please!!! let me know. What would be the cost to put a logo up on your site? If there is anything else that would help you please let me know, we all love this sport and now I’m in a position to help (working for a dealership) I want to do what ever we can. It’s all about being a family and SG Power has been a family business for over 45 years. Please Jim don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything I can do.Jay.

4. Le 26.05.14, a écrit:

it as joke to you, when I worked in Harpurhey I actually did work for the social! So, I was always worried about about a pint glass being thrown at me! I think it’s best not to wonder what goes on in there, the fact that it’s members only makes it even more terrifying, I’ve always assumed they’re bear knuckle boxing or cock fighting, or something equally horrific!The thing about Harpurhey I found strange was that people don’t seem to be able to walk past each other normally, they usually end up walking directly towards each other and stopping face to face for a moment!

5. Le 27.06.14, cialias a écrit:

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